Can I have plants or a garden in FAMU apartments?

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One of the most exciting aspects of moving to FAMU apartments is having a new space to make your own. While FAMU apartments come with many different layout options and amenities, caring for plants indoors or on the patio/balcony is easy after doing some research and choosing the right ones for your environment. Depending on your goals, gardening can be a very cheap and rewarding hobby that keeps you entertained and provides a nice addition to apartment décor.

What are my options for plants if I don't have a patio or balcony in FAMU apartments?

A patio or balcony is not required for plants to thrive in FAMU apartments. The most important point to remember is to choose the plant species carefully. A plant that needs many hours of sun and soil drainage will not survive in areas of low light and can lead to water damage indoors. Leaks can be avoided, however, if you place large saucers under your pots and pay close attention to the amount of water. This article provides a helpful list of plants that do well indoors and offer additional benefits, like air purification or healing properties. Some plants do best if placed near a window for a little bit of extra sun throughout the day, so keep this in mind when picking plants.

If you are looking for pet-friendly FAMU apartments and plan to keep plants indoors, you should know there are several species of plants that may be toxic or irritating to pets. Many types of lilies, for example, are toxic to cats and dangerous for dogs as well. Lilies are beautiful, common indoor plants so it is easy to make the mistake when you're out browsing for plants. Keep a list of toxic plants relevant to your pet when you're looking for new plants to avoid making the wrong choice!

What are some tips for gardening on a patio or balcony in FAMU apartments?

Gardening on a patio or balcony is a great way to add flair and a personal touch to your new place. Some luxury apartments have very spacious patios or balconies if you really want to have access to a bigger garden. Plants on a patio can create extra shade, pleasant smells and a peaceful environment for relaxing on your own or in the company of family and friends. The types of plants you get will depending on your living preference. For more privacy and shade, choose taller, wider plants that you can place along the edge, as well as fuller hanging plants like English Ivy or Boston fern. Bigger plants can be more difficult to transport, so make sure to bring the correct vehicle when you need more room.

If you enjoy colorful plants with frequent blooms, chrysanthemums, daisies, delphinium, mums, peonies and tulips are excellent choices for your patio. For roses, make sure to research plant care details so you aren't disappointed with the results, as roses can be tricky for beginner gardeners. Before you acquire plants, keep track of the amount of sun your patio or balcony gets throughout the day after you move in. This will make it easier to pick plants based on lighting and temperature needs.

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