What FAMU apartments are good for dogs?

So you are an attending FAMU student who just got a dog and wants to find a good place for the both of you to live. There are some great FAMU apartments that come with features and amenities that are perfect for your animal companion. The one that I would recommend however, is University House Retreat.

There are several reasons why I would recommend University House Retreat over some other apartments near FAMU. The first major reason I would give is space. It is important for an animal like a dog, especially if the dog is very large, to have more than enough adequate space to move around in.

Looking at University House, you can see that these units come with a good amount of space. The 2 bedroom floor plan has an overall space of 1,389 square feet, and that is at a minimum. The units at this complex range all the way to 5 bedroom units that can be as large as 2,363 square feet.

Having such a large amount of space in the smallest unit guarantees that your pet will have enough space to move around. What is also great however about University House versus other FAMU apartments is that there is a large variety of different floor plan options. The layout of the unit can be just as important as the amount of space it has. Having a dog means that you will probably want to pick out the most open floor plan, and this complex gives you a lot of options.

Time outside is also very important for a dog. For this reason you will want to look at FAMU apartments that have outside options for your pet. At University House, your unit can come with its own yard for your pet to run around in. Having a yard for your pet will ensure that your pet gets all the fresh air that it needs, without you feeling guilty when you are not able to walk it all the time. We all get busy sometimes, so having an option like this can be extremely helpful.

University House also comes with some great amenities for you and your dog to take advantage of. There is a dedicated dog walk where you and your animal can walk around and take in some local scenery. This might also be a great way for your animal to meet other dogs in the local community. Everyone likes to make new friends, even animals. There is also a picnic area, which is a great space for you and your dog to hang out somewhere away from your apartment.

Out of all of the apartments near FAMU, University House Retreat really stands out as a complex that supports you and your dog. With great spacious units, outside properties and pet friendly amenities, University House provides animals with a community to meet all of their needs. There are other FAMU apartments to consider however, and it is important that you look through all of them to see if University House is the right match for the both of you. If you need any help making apartment comparisons, make sure to utilize our search engine right here at Renttally.

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