I am moving to Tallahassee with a child, what are some suitable neighborhoods close to the universities?

Despite the Capitol's known territories for collegiate gatherings, there are plenty of Tallahassee apartments located near tranquil trees, great schools and humble neighborhoods. If you are looking to move into a family friendly neighborhood, there are several districts within the city to consider.

In general, Tallahassee is a very small city, especially in comparison to other state capitals. When traveling throughout town, you will quickly notice that commutes are quite short in duration. For this reason, no matter which part of town you decide to live in, you will really only be a five to ten minute drive to the local universities.

Of the many neighborhoods within Tallahassee, none have the accidental loveliness of Northeast Tallahassee. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, Northeast Tallahassee is full of new families, grade schools, and plenty of Tallahassee apartments. This neighborhood is the type that one can walk across, with wide-open sidewalks, front porches, older and newer homes and rolling views of the golf course.  Although this area is just a few minutes from campus, it is a rare location for students to live in. Some identify the region as more upscale yet inviting with its boutiques, hiking trails and nearby dinning. To look for homes in this area, start your search by looking for places on Thomasville Road.

Northwest Tally, is further from the university area but still within a close proximity to the student district. This neighborhood is just outside of downtown. Although the district is generally encompassed with an older population, many families find its rural setting a perfectly suitable town to raise their children in. Being close to downtown allows the residents of the Northeast area to enjoy the entertainment just around the corner. There is plenty of local shopping, grocery stores, and restaurants. Lake Talquin is a popular recreation site located in the center of town. Here, many families take their kids for walks through the 500 foot boardwalk. There are also basketball  and tennis courts, bike trails and playgrounds.

Housing in this part of town is very affordable due to the rapid expansion and construction. West Tharpe Street is a perfect location to begin your search when looking for Tallahassee apartments in the Northwest district.

If you hope to be within walking distance to one of the local campuses, there are also plenty of communities that offer spacious one-bedroom units within a somewhat quiet setting. Although many students will occupy these areas, there are specific properties that are more accommodating to students with families.  Those communities located just outside or off campus are usually a little more laid back. Many of these buildings even offer their tenants plenty of park space and even playgrounds and pools.

There are several neighborhoods in the city that are very popular for new families. Similar to most cities, you will find suitable communities just about anywhere in the city. The most popular neighborhoods, however, tend to be centralized in a more rural setting such as the Northwest district.

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