What’s the difference between downtown and midtown?

Tallahassee, the State's Capitol City, is made up of several distinct districts. All in which, upon first arrive into the city, you will immediately find comfort with. Although most areas around Tally invoke an appeal of Southern Charm, you will find that several neighborhoods within the city limits contain definitive differences between one another.

Downtown Tallahassee is known as the city's principal place of business. As a nerve center, downtown Tally injects the majority of the town's activities into the residential stream. You can expect this part of the city to be much higher paced than the other districts surrounding the town. However, by higher paced, this just means slightly faster moving. In fact, the high pace in Tallahassee would not at all compare to the likes of New York, Miami, or any other "fast paced" city. The downtown community is made up of higher income living. Tallahassee apartments are more luxurious, modern and updated than most parts surrounding the area. Many amenities are offered with units here such as parking garages, and twenty-four hour fitness centers. Downtown is more catered to business professionals and graduates are opposed to students and is as close to a "city life" as you can get in this location.

As far as attractions go, downtown doesn't limit your ability to engulf a good amount of history. The Supreme Court building is located in the center of town as well as museums, parks, and galleries. There is also plenty of restaurants and bars to stop in. However, when it comes to shopping, downtown may not be your favorite avenue.

Midtown, on the other hand, is home to plenty of students and apartments near FSU. Still a growing community, midtown is known for its location—right in the center of town. Unlike downtown, where most travel for business, midtown is fit for families and students looking for a more laid back atmosphere. In fact, midtown propels more of a creative vibe into its neighborhood, attracting trendsetters and fashion boutiques. Not to far from the downtown outer skirts, Midtown attracts those seeking nightly entertainment. One of the benefits to living in this community is that nearly every bar and restaurant is within walking distance. Tallahassee apartments in midtown are fairly prices. Although not as expensive as midtown, they will still be pricier than the campus areas of town.

Both districts in Tally are surrounded by several parks and museums. However, that is generally where the similarities stop. Midtown is more suited for families and students where as downtown is more catered to the business world. In regard to apartments near Tallahassee in these two locations, the prices significantly vary. Downtown tends to be much more expensive where as midtown is more moderately priced. Again, both are a short walking distance to one another, allowing residents to take advantage of the qualities each area has to offer.

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