I am an undergraduate from FSU and I haven’t decided whether I want to start grad school or my career. Where can I live to distance myself from college life but still be near campus?

Florida State University is one of the state’s most prominent colleges. Being a short distance from downtown and the capitol make this a very attractive place for students who are nearing close to their graduation date. If you are not sure if you would like to move on with your collegiate life and tackle a career or go back to school, you may want to consider looking for FSU apartments in the downtown Tallahassee area. This area is mostly a source for young graduates and business professionals. Here, you will get the taste of adult life while still being next to the campus and Doak Campbell Stadium. Living areas in the downtown district may be a bit more pricey than the student housing prices that you may have come accustomed to. However, these communities tend to be more upscale and secluded from college classmates. If you are considering going back to school for a graduate degree, the downtown area will allow you to study in quiet areas while still allowing you access to the Florida State campus within a few minutes drive.

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