How do I downsize before moving to FSU apartments?

Overwhelmed with clutter and piles of stuff you don't use anymore? Moving to Florida State University apartments is the perfect time to downsize and get rid of excess items before you have to transport them all to a new place. Especially in apartments with individual leases where you share a common area with your roommates, it can be hard to fit all of your stuff into your new space without feeling cramped. Whether you have clothes that no longer fit your style, unwanted furniture items, unused appliances or anything else that you want out of your space, taking some time to get donate, give away or sell these items can make your move to FSU apartments much easier.

Where should I start when going through my items?

The hardest step when downsizing is figuring out exactly which items you no longer want to keep inside your apartment. Ideally, you want to start this step earlier than a few days before you move, but it can also be done quickly when you're in a time crunch. Below are a few areas to focus on when going through your items.

  • Clothing: For some residents, clothes and accessories fill up the majority of their moving boxes. If you have a busy schedule, chances are you haven't gone through your closet in a long time. While it's likely that you've thrown out torn or old clothing, getting rid of new or unworn items may not have cross your mind. Now is the time to make the harder decisions and get rid of anything that doesn't fit your style and just sits in the closet!
  • Furniture: Bringing furniture to FSU apartments can be the most difficult aspect of moving. Take some time to think about the value and appearance of your bigger and heavier furniture, such as bookshelves, couches and tables. Would you rather get something new and lighter after moving? Are you considering furnished FSU apartments instead? Getting rid of some of these items can make a big impact on downsizing.
  • Books: If you have a cherished and dedicated book collection, this may not be desirable for you. However, unused books and old textbooks can take up a lot of space and lead to very heavy moving boxes. Keep your favorites but get rid of anything that isn't interesting, useful or meaningful to you.

For more ideas, check out this Bustle article on 16 items to get rid of before you move.

I've picked out what I don't want to keep anymore. What now?

The quickest way to get rid of unwanted items is to donate them to your nearest thrift store. This may involve multiple trips to the store unless you schedule a pickup through the store. This may be easier for residents who don't want to go through the hassle of selling individual items. However, you may be losing out on a few extra bucks for your nicer clothes, furniture and textbooks. If you're willing to take the time to list items or sell them locally, a good first step is to look up similar items online, especially textbooks, and determine if they would be worthwhile to sell instead.

Another great option is to give items to friends and family. This may be a better fit with your schedule compared to meeting buyers locally or having to ship anything out. If you still have a full moving truck when the time comes, you can always find FSU apartments with storage space.

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