My apartments near TCC has a dog walk, are there any rules for using this facility

Your canine companion will sure appreciate your new dog walk amenity at your apartments near TCC! These can range in size, anywhere from a huge open field to a smaller enclosed area. These dog walks are very important for apartment dwellers with pets because they allow a space for Fido to run free. Many dogs aren't happy with being cooped up in apartments near TCC all day when their owner is off to work. Some are too big for the size apartment they are in. A Saint Bernard in a tiny studio apartment may be a tight fit. So these dog walks are pertinent to any dog loving renter.

First thing to keep in mind when introducing your dog to the new dog walk at your apartments near TCC is to actually know their personality. Are they skittish around strangers? Do they play well with other dogs? You really need to know your dog before utilizing your community's dog walk amenity. Do not take him or her off the leash if they are not social or don't play nice with other dogs. You also do not want to scare them by forcing them into a situation that they aren't so sure about. Just be sure to know what type of "playmate" your dog is before you go unhooking their leash. It could be a disaster for your apartments neat TCC if your dog, another dog or a resident gets injured because of negligence.

When using your apartments near TCC dog walk, make sure that you pick up after your pet. On dog walks, there are typically little station with doggie poo bags and waste baskets. Make sure you grab a handful of these every time you let your dog out, in case they decide to use the restroom along the way. If you do not pick up after your pet, other residents may get angry. It also may spread bacteria and infections if dog owners do not clean up after their furry friends. Make sure you're keeping your community and dog walk clean. If the office sees that this is being abused, they may take away the privilege of the dog walk, could fine you, or worse, may not allow pets in the future for other residents if it becomes too big of a problem. It's easy to pick up after your dog, just buy one of those leashes that have attachments for doggie bags so you will never be caught without one again.

When using the dog walk at your apartments near TCC, make sure you pick up all of your dog's toys before leaving the area. This creates clutter if left behind, and your poor pup could end up losing his favorite squeaky ball. This is also a safety issue, to stop the spread of bacteria and diseases amongst the other canine residents. Bigger dogs may also choke on smaller dogs toys, so please keep this in mind when exiting the dog walk.

One very important thing to remember, for the sake of your dog's health, is to make sure all of their shots and vaccines are up to date before using the dog walk at your apartments near TCC. This will help with the spread of disease or illnesses in case you do run across some of the violations that we discussed above. You want your pet to be happy and healthy, so by taking these simple tips in mind, your pup will be on his or her way to enjoying your new dog walk!

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