Are there pet friendly places where I can live with my dog?

Of course! Tallahassee apartments come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and options in order to accommodate to your needs! Although, living with a pet may induce some roadblocks when looking to stay on campus or in student housing, there are plenty of options available for you in order to find a happy home for you and your furry pal. Looking outside of campus may be a bit more easy and affordable when looking for a pet friendly establishment. Areas in Thomasville, an older and more established area of Tallahassee, are built with plenty of park space to take your pet on a nice run. Tallahassee apartments in this area may be newer and more luxurious in comparison to student housing. However, if you are set on living in student housing, don’t you worry. You can use our apartment guide to search for what communities in your area are open to having pets. Our search guide tools make searching for an apartment a bit easier. Find the pet policy option on the left hand side of the screen and select what type of animal you will be bringing with you. A list of pet friendly apartments will appear!

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