Should I live in downtown or midtown?

While looking for FAMU apartments you may come across the wavering decision regarding what location is best for you to reside in. Although the city of Tallahassee is wildly known for its small town and large student population, there are several districts within the city can may be more accommodating to your preferences.

Leon County can often be referred to as the embodiment of college life. With many areas in the city designed to enhance the value of a collegiate’s scholarly career, it is no wonder why the student population continues to grow.

FAMU is located in the Southwest district of the town just near Florida State University and TCC. This region, more accustomed to students, is surrounded with FAMU apartments, entertainment, and convenience. Most restaurants, bars and restaurants are within walking distance from these student- housing communities. However, some students do prefer to live a short distance from campus.

Downtown Tallahassee is about 7 minutes from the University. Apartments near FAMU in the downtown region encompass a different vibe than those located in the Southwest student district. FAMU apartments located in this neighborhood are surrounded with a more modern and urban mood. Most restaurants, buildings, and bars are structured with sleek architecture and the residents tend to portray a young business professional personality than that of a student. Homes near this area do tend to be more expensive but are more luxurious and newer in design.

The biggest difference between downtown and Midtown lies in rent prices and population. Midtown, unlike downtown, is compromised of more students and families. Midtown is a rising neighborhood that has been gaining the attraction of students and graduates as the new “hot spot.” However, midtown is a little further from FAMU apartments totaling to a 12 minute commute. Midtown does, however, offer more friendly rent prices, entertainment, and student housing.

When deciding whether downtown or Midtown may be more suiting to your needs, you may want to factor in a budget and determine whether each district’s characteristics will benefit your necessities. Downtown may be more beneficial for someone who is working in that area or plans to work in government. However, living in the area can become quite expensive as most communities are deemed to be luxury apartments. Midtown, on the other hand, may be advantageous for those wanting to be in the center of student attraction, entertainment and bars. The neighborhood varies in home types catering to student-housing and family dwellings.

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