How can students living in FSU apartments get better and deeper sleep?

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One of the biggest struggles that occur with students is prioritizing sleep over other responsibilities. Sure, you will eventually sleep after a long day, but sometimes if you need to cut into sleep time, the sleep tends to be short and unfulfilling. Not to mention that if you are stressed about encroaching deadlines and assignments, getting deep and restful sleep will be even more difficult.

To get work done, students attending Florida State University need to make sure they get the best sleep possible, even if it's for a shortened period. You might not always be able to get a lot of sleep, but the quality of sleep should never be something that a student has to give up, even during the busiest times of the school year.

If you are a hardworking student living in apartments near FSU, the things I will outline in this article will be tremendously helpful for getting better quality sleep and feeling more rested overall.

Limit Noise Distractions While Sleeping in FSU Apartments

Whether you are a light sleeper or can sleep through all the loud distractions that come with living in a student apartment, it never hurts to limit the amount of noise that you hear while trying to sleep at night. When you have a quiet apartment to sleep in it makes uninterrupted sleep much more fulfilling for your mind and body. However, if you don't have the luxury of living in a space that's quiet and void of audible distractions, you can buy earbuds to block out the noise around you. They don't need to be anything fancy. Something as simple as disposable foam earplugs will suffice.

If you don't mind a little noise but prefer noise that can help you sleep, I suggest looking into a white noise machine that you can keep in your FSU apartment bedroom. White noise such as whale sounds, gentle rain tapping on a window, and relaxing beach waves are popular white noises that help people fall asleep quickly.

Avoid Unwanted Distractions

Sometimes when you lay your head down, it's challenging to eliminate all visual distractions just by closing your eyes. Of course, you can turn off the lights, but if you have a window or live near a well-lit-up area, chances are you will have a difficult time blocking light out entirely. For this problem, getting a sleeping mask is the most painless thing to do.

Sleeping masks are made with multiple fabrics, including silk, which is softer for your eyes and face. Although it might take some time to adjust to, opting for something that can block out the screen of the tv or lights outside of an apartment near FSU that you can't shut off yourself is a must for deep sleeping!

Invest in a Mattress Pad for Your FSU Apartment Bed

Having a comfortable bed to sleep on is extremely important for getting quality sleep every night. If you live in a furnished apartment, you probably have a pre-provided mattress that you couldn't choose. These are often very uncomfortable to sleep on without added enhancements. Instead of suffering, getting a quality gel or foam mattress pad can give your back more support, allowing you to fall into a deep and restful sleep.

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