Can I decorate my apartment?

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Regardless of whether you are renting for a year term or just a few months, most tenants prefer to make their unit feel like home. When it comes to renting Tallahassee apartments, several contingencies are imposed on your lease when it comes to making modifications to your apartment.

Most standard leases encourage their tenants to make their new confinement a home. These allotments can range from painting your walls, to hanging pictures and even planting new wildlife on your patios and porches. However, I am sure you are wonder how many changes you are able to make.

Although each lease differs in the Leon County area, most contracts are fairly similar. That being said, you can probably assume that many apartments near Tallahassee will allow you to make slight changes in décor to your unit.

Hanging pictures on the walls and creating small acupunctures throughout the dwelling are regular expectations when living in an apartment community. However beware of the size of the holes you create. Most leases allow you to make changes in your home upon the expectation that these changes will be removed and repaired by the time you move out. Meaning, be prepared to cover these holes at the end of your stay. The same goes for paint.

Although some residents are hesitant towards painting their rentals, there are usually no clauses banning you from doing so and the majority of those who decide to paint claim that it makes their living area feel much more inviting. The biggest risk you may ensue from painting your home is making a mess on the carpet or creating in nuisance in having to repaint the walls back to their original color once your stay has come to an end.

If you are one of those handy tenants who are able to repair a fixer upper in no time, I would highly consult your landlord or management prior to making any of these changes. Although you may be able to remove in additional fixtures you added to your home prior to moving, be weary of how much you put into the repairs. Often times, any improvements you may make to the property are not yours for the keeping. If you are renting apartments in order to fix them, bring up the idea to your landlord and negotiate a rental for repair agreement in writing.

Generally speaking, these are rarely any restrictions limiting a tenant from decorating his or her own dwelling. However, know that you are normally responsible for making sure that the unit is back in the same generic conditions as when you moved in prior to your move out date.

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