What are safe ways to handle leisure time in my TCC apartment during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The world is really going through it right now, and Tallahassee Community College students are no exception. Especially when you consider the liveliness and electrifying aura that normally encompasses Tallahassee's school year, you can really notice a difference in the overall energy of our state capital these days. Everyone is stuck inside more often than ever, so antsiness and anxiety can start to bug you a lot more than usual.

Once your online classes for the day are finished and it seems like there is no more schoolwork that needs to get finished, what are you to do with all of this free time in a town where the usual after school spots are closed?

Admittedly, this will be easier to handle if you live with other people. However, if you live in a studio apartment, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to get your kicks! One of the silver linings in this hectic year is the seemingly constant addition of technology and apps that keep those with great distances between them closer together. Video chatting apps like Zoom may be your school's main go-to for class time, but hosting a video call with your friends can bring some of the joy and comfort of in-person interaction into your single-person living space. I cannot tell you how much attending Zoom parties boosted my morale in the Spring and Summer, so do not hesitate to use this as a possible antidote for loneliness!

Whether you live alone or in a four-bedroom TCC apartment, bringing home a new pet can really spice up your lifestyle and add another layer of comfort and fun to your living space. You will need to make sure your apartment is pet-friendly, but as long as management has no problem with four-legged or feathered companions, you should be all set! Taking care of a new pet, regardless of whether it's a poodle or a parakeet, involves a lot of responsibility; however, if you are nervous about adopting a new companion, I would strongly advise you to embrace this opportunity to change up the banality of our current global situation.

Now, if you live with a couple of roommates, you may think you have nothing to worry about when it comes to everyday life becoming mundane. If you and your roommates are enjoying all of this extra relaxation, or you have secured a job that gets you out of the house and fulfills your newly added free time, I hope you enjoy your new commitment!

This is not the case, though, for several Tallahassee Community College students; many students might experience a tragic feeling of boredom and are looking for something new to do. If this sounds like your apartment, there is nothing wrong with unplugging the television and disconnecting for a little bit. Break out one of those dusty board games from the closet and make a night out of it! Personally, my apartment can get very competitive in strategy games like Monopoly or Risk, so we look forward to setting aside a night of the week to get together and hash things out on the board. You may have played a couple of card games as a child, or may have interest in learning how to play more adult card games like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker or Blackjack. Your apartment does not even have to use real currency when placing bets; you and your roommates can bet Poker chips, real chips, or even chores to keep the risk alive!

Whatever your roommate situation may be in your TCC apartment, at least one of the above suggestions can improve your apartment's morale and change things up a bit. We are all in this together and the world is an exciting place, so make sure you are looking for opportunities to make this strange experience better!

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