How can I make my small FAMU apartment feel cozy rather than cramped?

Living in a small FAMU apartment doesn't have to feel like a burden. Making a small space work for you actually only requires a few simple steps and in no time you can go from a cramped space to a cozy living environment in your FAMU apartment.

Color is everything when trying to open up your FAMU apartment. So make sure you choose sensibly. Remember that the darker the color, the more cramped the space will feel. So consider painting the walls of your FAMU apartment a pale, warm shade. A pale warm shade will reflect light and make your FAMU apartment feel much more open and airy. While you don't want all of your walls to be a dark color, having a dark accent wall in your FAMU apartment can actually make the space seem nice and cozy, not cramped at all.

Another important thing to consider in your small FAMU apartment is storage space. Keeping things out and lying around can make your small space feel cluttered and cramped. Bookcases can provide excellent storage for books, games, DVDs, collectibles, and more. If floor space isn't too abundant in your FAMU apartment then consider wall mounted shelves. Other storages options are storage bins that will fit under your couch, chairs, or bed. Shallow bins like that are perfect for blankets, clothes, and shoes. You may also consider buying a coffee table or ottoman that comes with extra storage as well. The more organized and out of the way your belongings are in your FAMU apartment the cozier, and less cramped it will feel.

Lighting can actually change the way you see your FAMU apartment quite a bit. Many FAMU apartments come standard with "cool" fluorescent lighting that doesn't really flatter anyone or any home. Try opting for "warm" lights and consider adding a few accent lamps as well. The better the lighting the more cozy your FAMU apartment will feel.

Seating arrangements are also vital to the overall feel of your FAMU apartment. Consider purchasing a sectional sofa that's great for cramped spaces because you can have ample seating while setting it up in a tight corner. Or you can divide the pieces up as well. Folding chairs that you've mod-podged or painted can be great to store away and pull out when you have extra company over. To make your seating arrangements more inviting and to create a cozier feeling consider draping throw blankets over them, and making sure you have plenty of comfy pillows out as well.

A small FAMU apartment doesn't have to feel like a cramped and cluttered apartment. Following a few steps can entirely change your living space and you can spend a lot more time being happy in your home rather than worry about how much room you have. Cozy will always win over cramped and cluttered.

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