What is the difference between a computer lab and a business center in my apartment near FAMU?

Many FAMU apartments will come with useful community amenities for residents, like a business center and computer lab. While searching for apartments on our website, you may have noticed that these two features are separate categories. If you’re looking for specific community features, it is important to understand the difference between these two facilities. A computer lab generally means that you can come surf the web for free just a few feet away from home. A business center in FAMU apartments provides a place for you to print, fax, scan, and copy documents. Both facilities can be very useful depending on your apartment living preferences. To help choose the right features for you, keep reading to find out more about business centers and computer labs.

While some residents may need internet access inside their unit, you may prefer to save money and only use the internet occasionally. FAMU apartments with a computer lab are a great resource for residents who do not plan to set up internet access inside the unit. At the computer lab, you’ll be able to access the internet for free, often with headphones and other computer accessories provided. Even if you have a computer and internet at home, sometimes you may need to use a MAC or a PC computer if you don’t have the required type. Many computer labs will offer both types of computers so you can work on a project without having to head to a library or other facility further from home. Need access to transportation? You can also find apartments near public transportation. If you find a community with a computer lab that you’re particularly interested in, give the leasing office a call to discuss the types of computers and accessories featured in the lab.

If you think you may be looking for something different, you’re probably thinking of apartments near FAMU with a business center. A business center is a place where you can go to print, fax, scan, and copy documents. This is particularly useful for students attending the university. Even if you have a printer or scanner, you never know when your electronics will break down right before an important due date. You’ll be glad to have access to a business center to finish up your work on time. Even if you just run out of ink, it is easier to step out to the computer lab than head out to purchase more ink. Need some tips on writing papers for your classes? Purdue OWL has some great tips on writing in college.

Some apartments near FAMU may have both a business center and a computer lab for residents. If you’re wondering how to identify which communities offer this amenity, you can use the search function on our website to find exactly what you’re looking for. Simply use the filters to check for computer lab, business center, or both, and you’ll be able to view only the apartments that fit your criteria.

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