What are the different ways to commute to the FAMU campus?

Since you will be spending a lot of time commuting back and forth from your FAMU apartment to the FAMU campus, finding the best way to commute to school is a big step as you prepare for college. Whether you decide to talk, ride personal transportation or take advantage of Tallahassee's options, we will go through each choice to give you all the available options.

FAMU Apartment Location

The first thing is to find Tallahassee student housing that will work for your situation and fit all your needs. If the distance to the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University or Bragg Stadium is the most important to you, the Twelve-Twenty at Brooklyn Yard Apartments is just over one mile away, and the Tally Square Apartments are two miles away. With such a close distance, you may choose to walk to campus from these FAMU off campus housing communities.

If you find an apartment you love that is further from FAMU, you may expand your transportation options. You may opt to purchase a bike and scooter. An electric scooter can zip you to campus, even on the hot days in Florida. E-scooters or electric scooters are a popular mode of transportation around Tallahassee for college students and visitors alike. E-scooters are available for rent throughout the city. For more information on e-scooter rental options, click here.

Drive to FAMU Campus

You may also look into driving your own vehicle to class at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Make sure to check out the parking on campus page on the FAMU website for updated rules before you attempt to park on campus. Parking on campus is enforced 24/7, and a parking pass is required. Parking spaces on campus may be limited, and you must park in a legal space, or you will risk being immobilized or towed, so this option may not work for an everyday option.

Public Transportation Near FAMU Apartments

The next option to explore is the Venom Express shuttle service that is available for all students, staff, and faculty while classes are in session. To view the real-time locations of the Venom Express, you can download the FAMU app, FAMU Mobile, for your phone. This option will help you plan your day and ensure that you are on time for class while commuting from your apartment near FAMU.

Another option for FAMU students is the StarMetro public transportation provided by the city of Tallahassee. The StarMetro buses offer routes throughout the city, and details about the routes can be found here so you can plan your trips. They run seven days a week and offer different options for weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays.

Southwest Tallahassee is home to Florida State University (FSU), Tallahassee Community College (TCC), and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). With all these college students, it takes a lot of planning to be able to get these students back and forth to campus daily. We hope this article helps you as you plan on how you will commute to your apartment near FAMU in Tallahassee.

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