What is proper etiquette for using amenities in my community?

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Player's Club has some awesome amenities.

Super excited about all the fantastic community amenity packages available in TCC apartments? We don't blame you! With community BBQ grills, gorgeous resort-style pools, 24-hour fitness centers, and much more, you'll have so much to do just a few feet away from home. Residents who plan on using community amenities should consider following a few rules of etiquette that will help keep your community looking clean and make apartment living pleasant for both you and your neighbors. Taking a few minutes to clean up after yourself and putting equipment, tools, and other items back in place will positively impact your community and help you make the most out of your apartment living experience in TCC apartments.

Florida weather is perfect for barbecues and cookouts right inside your own community. If you use the community BBQ grills, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will probably have access to a few BBQ tools – if you use them, make sure to clean them thoroughly so you don't leave sticky messes for the next person who uses them. Raw meat particles can be very unpleasant and hazardous when left out in the sun. Bring a trash bag along with you so you have somewhere to discard paper cups, plates, napkins and other items that won't get blown away by gusts of wind. After you're done, make sure to do a final check under tables and around the grill area to make sure that you didn't forget anything. If you run into issues with a big mess, contact your leasing office in TCC apartments and request assistance from maintenance.

When enjoying the community pool in apartments near TCC, there are a few ways you can be a good resident and neighbor. Never use glass bottles in the pool or on the pool deck – you never know if the bottles will break and leave dangerous shards around the pool area where many people have exposed feet. Nearby Macy's has some great options for plastic cups and dishware you can use in place of glass. If you use any of the floats or pool items provided by the community, make sure to put them back in place before you leave. Don't forget to take your own pool toys home as well! As always, clean up after yourself and throw out any garbage you accumulate. You'll be able to find plenty of apartments with pools in the area.

Planning on hitting the gym in TCC apartments? The fitness center is an excellent amenity for active residents who don't want to pay expensive gym memberships or travel far from home. To ensure you contribute to a welcoming, tidy space, wipe off your equipment after use, return weights to the racks, and do not leave any trash inside the gym. You may also want to turn off the TV or radio if easily accessible, especially during late hours when the gym is not frequently used. If you're looking for pet friendly apartments, don't forget to clean up after your pet during walks. Following these few tips will lead to a great apartment living experience in TCC apartments.

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