Are there FSU apartments where I can own a grill?

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Many apartments offer a shared community grill near the pool area.

Spring is here and the summer heat will quickly follow. Sunny Florida days are perfect for barbecues and having fun with your friends. Grilling some juicy hamburgers, plump hot dogs, maybe some delicious veggies, we know how FSU students love their BBQ. Unfortunately, if you're living in an apartment you may have one big problem with owning a grill. It is against fire code for grills to be on patios or inside your unit. However, there are 12 apartments near FSU that have community BBQ grills and 4 communities that even have outdoor kitchens for its residents to use.

The great thing about living in apartments with community BBQ grills is that you don't have to pay extra to use them! Whenever you want to have some friends over and have fun outdoors you can easily use the picnic areas and grills as if they're your very own. It's not so bad as you'd think! But if you're not down for that another option instead of your usual grill is to invest in an electric grill. Electric grills can be found at Home Depot, Lowes Hardware, and even Wal-Mart or Target. Electric grills don't use gas, but instead you simply plug them into the wall and you are ready to go.

Need help finding apartments with picnic areas? We can help! To begin your search, click on “Tallahassee Apartments” right at the top of the homepage. That will take you to our search page. From there you're going to choose which neighborhood of Tallahassee you want to search apartments for and that's “Southwest Tallahassee (FSU area)”. Now scroll down and click on “Show advanced filters.” Once you click that, you'll see a section of filters called “Community Features” and right next to it you'll click on the little plus sign so you can see all the options these communities have. Now, depending on your style, you can either choose from “Community BBQ Grills” or “Outdoor Kitchen” as options in your future apartments. The results of apartments with community BBQ grills or outdoor kitchens will show up and you can pick and choose from there.

Having a hard time trying to narrow down your results? Use our “filter, drag and compare” tool! Just use your filtered results, drag them into the boxes and click on “compare” and you've got your work cut out for you!

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