What is the College Town district in Tallahassee?

Developed to appeal to the "future" student, College Town is a collegiate focused community only three blocks from Florida State University and steps from Doak Campbell stadium that offers a variety of apartments and condos to rent—from private one bedroom apartments to spacious four bedroom floor plans perfect for roommates.

College Town offers a complete lifestyle to renters. Apartments are located near, or even above, shops, dining, and retail locations. In an already accommodating entertainment district, College Town now offers those close to FSU campus the ability to shop, eat, and play in one convenient location. Still located near both FSU and FAMU, this Madison Street party district has taken entertainment and convenience to a new level.

What Makes College Town in Tallahassee Unique?

Unlike many regions throughout the Capital City, College Town has ignited its architecture with an industrial design and small Manhattan feel.  In fact, you can even lease an apartment right above a store or brewery for a true urban living experience. Although many FSU apartments are generally modernized, apartment homes in this community are quite different. These buildings are much taller and stacked with city-styled staircases and steel styled balconies. The common entry-ways are designed with concrete floors and visible piping, some buildings even provide residents with in house coffee shops.

Aside from being ‘trendy,' this arts and entertainment district has also built a half a dozen of brand new bars and restaurants—some even connected to FSU apartments.  These new watering holes help strengthen Tallahassee's nightlife and even provide a family friendly atmosphere throughout the day and into the evening.

Enjoy Game Day in College Town

Are you a football fan? If so, you will be pleased to learn that College Town is anchored to Doak Campbell Stadium, allowing those who live in the neighborhood to walk to the football games. If you have ever lived in Tallahassee before, you are already aware of the influx of guests that travel into the city for game time. Being able to walk to the stadium is definitely helpful when preparing to watch the Seminoles take on their rivals.

Like most regions and neighborhoods in the city, this town is only a short drive from downtown Tallahassee and most major roads. Although traffic can tend to get backed up throughout rush hour, many places in this neighborhood are within walking distance to each, thus, allowing its residents to skip the drive and walk to their destinations. This community is also great for those wishing to embrace a student atmosphere. College Town, however, can come with a price. The area is still new and offers luxury housing so  many are eager to move into these new buildings. If you plan on living in this district, plan in advanced to ensure that you settle in the unit you want.

College Town in Tallahassee offers apartments near FSU and FAMU surrounded by entertainment and is just three blocks from campus. The area tends to differ from the surrounding neighborhoods in the city by created an urban feel in this Florida capital city.

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