Can I still have the social life of a student at a large university as a student at Tallahassee Community College?

As you begin your new life as a Tallahassee Community College student, it's very natural to look forward to a certain kind of experience. The reality is, no matter what kind of school you go to, or where it's located, each experience will be different. The following are tips that I hope will help you make your experience uniquely yours.

Campus Living

Sometimes our initial thoughts about college life, are literally about the college living experience. We think about what we've seen and heard so much about dorms, roommates, dorm room parties, and much more. Although Tallahassee Community College doesn't have designated student housing, there are apartments near TCC that is available to and affordable for students. There are several student apartments in the area that also include roommate matching services.  Looking into student housing won't be the exact same experience as living in campus housing. You may not have dorm parties, but apartments in the area may have apartment activities that help you become more acquainted with the other students in your community. However, living in an apartment community that houses and caters to other students could give you your own unique experience!

Campus Life

Tallahassee Community College is a smaller school than a big university with about [xyz students]. However, you can still get the experience of campus life. TCC offers student art expos, sports teams, and various student ran organizations such as student government and student veterans associations. TCC also offers various community service based opportunities as well. So if you're looking to become more involved with you campus community, TCC has plenty to offer your college experience. Check out more options on their main website under student life. TCC is also located in close proximity to both Florida State University and Florida A&M University. There's always the opportunity to mix and mingle with other students at nearby universities as well.

Night Life

If you're looking for night life activities, the Tallahassee area just welcomed a brand new addition to the community called College Town. College Town is Tallahassee's newest district. It features local restaurants, bars and other staple items to make a colorful nightlife experience. The College Town District is located in downtown Tallahassee right in the heart of all the action. Not only is it great for nightlife, it's also home to great shopping and new student-oriented condos. If you're looking for an active night scene give the new College Town District a try!

Tallahassee is a city with a lot to offer. I hope you're able to take full advantage of that and fully enjoy your experience as a Tallahassee Community College student. 

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