I'm throwing a get together at my TCC apartment's clubhouse next weekend, any tips?

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Player's Club's clubhouse is a great spot to gather with friends - just make sure you check in with the office on their clubhouse rules before inviting friends.

TCC apartments are a great location for your next party or get together. Since it can be a hassle to fit several guests inside your luxury apartment, the community clubhouse is an ideal place to host your next event. You’ll have plenty of space for drinks, food, seating, and party games without having to worry about rearranging your furniture, locking away pets, and putting away any delicate items. While this will also help you keep your apartment tidy, you will also want to make sure you follow the rules and regulations for get togethers at your clubhouse, especially in regards to cleaning and trash. Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to throw an entertaining party that also adheres to community rules and regulations.

The first step to take when throwing a party in TCC apartments is getting to know the community rules and regulations. Give your leasing office a call or visit and discuss the type of party you would like to have. They may have limits on the number of guests, types of items served, and noise levels. In addition, you may be asked for a deposit to cover any potential damages or accidents. Understanding the requirements ahead of time will ensure that you stay organized and aware of your limitations prior to organizing your party. It is also important to check that the clubhouse is available for rent on your desired date. You will most likely be able to fill out a form that officially reserves your spot for that day. Keep in mind that the leasing office also may have cut off times for late parties, so make sure your time slot complies with their rules as well. TCC apartments with pools will also have pool rules and regulations that you should be familiar with when using the pool for your party.

The clubhouse is also a good setting for many different kinds of party decorations. However, take care not to use any decorations that would damage the property, such as tape with residue, tacks, and other sharp items. The Washington Post has a few suggestions on how to decorate without damaging walls and ceiling. These are useful tips for both your unit and clubhouse décor. In addition to taking care when decorating, make sure you are courteous of clubhouse supplies and return items back to their storage area. This will be helpful for the next person renting the clubhouse.

Once your party is over, you should clean up thoroughly, wiping down the counters and removing all trash from your TCC apartments clubhouse. If you have any accidents or spills, clean them up and alert the leasing office if additional assistance is needed. It can be helpful to keep trash bags available during the party to give attendees the opportunity to toss their cups, napkins, and plates in the proper locations. Don’t forget to take down all your decorations afterwards and do a walkthrough of the entire clubhouse to ensure you haven’t left anything behind.

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