What are some of the characteristics in Tallahassee neighborhoods?

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Renaissance is located outside the student district of Tallahassee.

Tallahassee apartments are featured throughout a number of the city's close-knit districts. From student-centered dynamics to historic arts, the Capital City offers its residents a broad range of suitable regions to live in. If you are searching for a new place to live with a variety of characteristics, this town may have just what you are looking for.

First and foremost, Tallahassee is known for its thriving student communities. With two well-known state universities in the area, it is no wonder why the state capital has become a strong centralized student district. Many college attendees tend to take up a chunk of space in Southeast Tally. This neighborhood tends to be engulfed with those attending the schools, and, as a result, most Tallahassee apartments in this region are predominantly deemed student housing districts. Although many of these housing types are focused on enhancing the lives of their student-residents, these buildings are newer, modern and offer plenty of accommodations. There are handfuls of bars, restaurants and shops within walking distance of this town and the nightlife is anything but quiet.

If quaint neighbors and quiet streets are something of interests, Northeast Tally is a great area to live in. Although not far from the student district, the characteristics of North East Tally tend to be on the opposite spectrum. This part of the city tends to attract families and alumni. Being one of Tallahassee's oldest neighborhoods, this part of town is well reputable and warm. The subdivisions are more upscale, offering many luxury apartments for rent.

This well-known city is also known for its recreational regions and small town vibes. Lake Talquin and Lake Ella are some of the most popular parks in town. Located in the heart of the Northwest district, the Lake Talquin state recreational space provides a 500- foot boardwalk where many residents enjoy jogging, biking, fishing and hiking on. Surrounding the park is mostly a rural atmosphere, offering quiet and convenience for those who live nearby. Just outside, however, are local shopping boutiques and restaurants.

Contrary to the rural regions is the downtown district of Tally. Tallahassee apartments in this particular spot are surrounded by modernized spaces, corporate buildings and swanky bars. Although downtown happens to be rather small geographically, many business professionals and upperclassman enjoy the environment.

One thing that each area of the town has in common is its southern charm. No matter how far one travels from the heart of downtown, it is obvious that the majority of Tally makes it a priority to spread its small town waves throughout its architecture. Many of the streets are built in brick lined pathways, the roads tend to be narrow—often shaded by canopy trees, and the bulk of buildings are designed in a red brick uniformity.

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