What are some of the best rugs and carpets to decorate my Tallahassee apartment with?

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Campus Row offers its residents units with washers and dryers, perfect for anyone with a washable stylish rug that gets dirty often!

Whether you're looking to redecorate or you are naturally an accident-prone individual, a rug always makes an apartment complete. I more than most people understand the struggle of dropping things unintentionally on carpets and ruining them with stains because I was clumsy. If you are like me and struggle with making messes, getting the right carpets and rugs is a must!

Although it is typically a lot cheaper to get a small carpet that isn't compatible with messes or spills, stains are tough to get out of sometimes. If you must replace a carpet multiple times during your stay at an apartment in Tallahassee, you might waste a lot of money instead of getting the right rug for your struggles.

To save you money and the time it takes to clean a new rug, in this article, I will showcase some of the best rugs that are available for people with a propensity to spill food and make messes.

Washable Rugs for an Apartments in Tallahassee

Some genius individual was able to revolutionize the carpet cleaning game by making rugs washable. Whether you prefer to wash a rug in your Tallahassee apartment kitchen sink, or you don't have the time and would prefer to use a washer and dryer instead, both options can get the job done effectively!

If you are wondering how a washable rug works, it's quite simple: the carpet has a detachable surface layer that is made to get dirty and by detaching it from the main layer, you can throw the dirty layer in the wash and attach it when it looks brand new again. If you live in a pet-friendly apartment, chances are this type of rug with save you tons of hassle when your furry friend decides to potty inside.

Rugs With Better Materials for Food Spills

Washable rugs are somewhat expensive, and if you can't invest right now, that's all right too! Instead, opt for a carpet that is made of a naturally water-resistant material that won't soak up spills and mold from stains.

A trick that I've used in the past is getting a rug that's labeled for the outdoors and putting it inside a Tallahassee apartment. Outside rugs are normally stain resistant and are tough enough to avoid fading from UV exposure outside. Polypropylene is a great and common material used in outdoor carpets. If you look for this kind of material you can use it both inside and outside of your Tallahassee apartment patio or balcony!

Research Carpet Stain Remover 

When all else fails, and you find an inexpensive rug that you know will inherit some stains, temporary maintenance can be achieved with a good-quality carpet cleaner. There are plenty of inexpensive options to choose from that can get pesky stains from clumsy spills out of your carpets and rugs. Just remember, if you have a pet, some cleaners are not safe for them! Researching what's best for your situation can help tremendously.

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