How can I budget for living on my own?

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If having a pool and on-site fitness center are not important to you, you could save monthly by choosing an apartment that doesn't have those amenities.

Are you looking for TCC apartments within your budget range? Leaving the nest for the first time in exchange for a solitude of collegiate independence is one of several hurdles when looking for an affordable home.

When looking to live on your own for the first time you may not know where to begin, especially if your parents are no longer funding your bank account. In best efforts to avoid financial instability, it is strongly recommended to create a financial plan. This does not have to be in severe details, but it is vital to understand what is and what is not in your price range. No one wants to spend their entire income on rent alone, leaving no room to enjoy your freedom in Tallahassee. Check out our FSU Cost of Living Guide for a comprehensive look at expenses for college students in Tallahassee.  

Tallahassee is probably one of the best places to live for those who must adhere to a strict student budget. There are dozens of options to consider when living in TCC apartments. Most of these options are accommodating to a student budget. The biggest difficulty you may face is determining whether the selected community is the right one for you. While the decision of price range is critical, you may also want to consider a few other factors.


  • Create a Budget


As mentioned before, prepare to eliminate any need to overspend. Spending an entire month's paycheck on rent may only create more problems, especially in the event that an unexpected happening may occur. When putting numbers together, decide what you are capable of spending on monthly rent alone. TCC apartments can range anywhere from $300 a month for a room to a $1,200 unit on average. Do you fall within that number line?

If you are more comfortable around the $300 earmark, you may want to consider looking into shared rooms. Shared rooms are not small dormitory-like dwellings. These units are spacious, modern and perfect for students. Each roommate has their own room and bathroom. The only ‘shared' space is the kitchen, living room and washer and dryer. Many of these housing areas are also inclusive of all bills. This means that cable, electric, trash and water are included in your total rental amount. This is very convenient for those who are not favorable towards paying bills separately and this is a great way to save money.


  • Live Near Campus


Let's face it, specific districts within Tallahassee are more affordable than others in terms of living. Since you will be enrolled at the local community college, it is most beneficial to look for TCC apartments in the Southwest district of the city. This part of town is predominated by those who attend the nearby academic institutions. Therefore, most of the properties tend to compliment college needs include budget. Living near class can also help alleviate gas money costs, even allowing some to completely skip out of using their own vehicle.

Living close to campus and sticking to a strict budget will definitely help make your living arrangements more affordable. Considering roommates or living near campus can help cut costs tremendously while still allowing you to live in newer and updated communities.


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