What are some things to do with my child on their birthday?

Tallahassee is a great place for families with tons of activities for the little ones! On your child's birthday, you have so many options of things to do. Regardless of which you chose, the day will be great. On your child's birthday, step out of your Tallahassee apartment and explore the wonderful city that the two of you live in together. If you decide to partake in any of the activities suggested below, you can be sure that your child will have lots of fun!

Escape Room

Recently, I had the experience of completing an escape room with a group of friends as part of a birthday celebration. We chose to solve the Secrets of the Pharaohs room at Hourglass Escape Rooms. Overall, the experience was really enjoyable, and I found it to be family-friendly. Hourglass Escape Rooms offers three different rooms to choose from, all of different difficulty levels. If you plan to bring your child here, or to a different escape room company in Tallahassee, I recommend you call and ask more specifically about what would be enjoyable and doable for your child's age demographic.

Scavenger Hunt

For my most recent birthday, I was gifted a scavenger hunt around Tallahassee. In order to complete this scavenger, hunt we were required to download an app and follow where it instructed us to go. Once we arrived at a location the app would quiz us about our surroundings: "what does the historical sign say," etc. The process of completing the hunt and going from location to location was, dare I say, educational.

After finishing the scavenger hunt, I can confidently say that I know more about Tallahassee than I did before. I should note that the scavenger hunt took up most of the day and required us to walk quite far. We did have the option to pause it though, which we took advantage of. Midway through we stopped at a nearby restaurant for pizza. This would be the perfect opportunity to get dessert and sing happy birthday to your child. There are many of these kinds of scavenger hunts online, so pick the one best for you and your child.

Water Park

Since we are in Florida after all, of course, I have to suggest taking them to a waterpark near apartments in Tallahassee. This is a good option for kids who have summer birthdays but still want to spend the day outside. Although there aren't many water parks in the area, there are public pools with water slides, such as the Trousdell Aquatics Center.

Birthday Party

Perhaps the most obvious thing to do with your child on their birthday would be to throw a party with their friends and family. There are many Tallahassee apartments with pools, perfect for a pool party. Other activities could include games like musical chairs, or arts and crafts. The Cake Shop, located in Northeast Tallahassee, has got your child's party covered if you'd rather have it somewhere other than your apartment. They offer a party package, which includes cupcakes and cookies for each child to decorate, a cake, snack, food, and goodie bags.

I hope these suggestions gave you an idea of what you'd like to do for your child on their birthday. Have fun and enjoy your day together!

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