What are the best plants to grow in my Florida State University apartment?

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The Best Plants to Grow Inside Your Tallahassee Apartment

If your creative wheels are spinning in search of a new way to give your Tallahassee apartment life, consider adding a few low-maintenance houseplants to your décor. A trend for the ages, the use of plants indoors has once again become the hot new craze. Ideal for their ability to accommodate nearly any theme, you'll likely find houseplants an excellent source of color and natural beauty. A literal breath of fresh air, plants also provide remarkable health benefits including stress reduction, improved sleep quality, and air purification.

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7 Low-Maintenance Houseplants to Add to Your Tallahassee Apartment Décor  

  • Spider Plant: Known for its narrow leaves, vibrant color, and tiny white blossoms, the spider plant makes for a beautiful addition to any apartment home. Needing little attention, the spider plant's only requirements include potting soil, weekly watering, and a healthy dose of indirect sunlight. As summer rolls around you'll likely notice the formation of several smaller spider plants called "pups". Once the pups reach approximately 2 inches, they're ready to be removed and replanted elsewhere around your FSU apartment.

  • Pothos: This indoor plant's ability to absorb unwanted toxins and purify the air surrounding it is truly remarkable. You'll surely breathe easier knowing chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene are being stripped from the air inside your Tallahassee apartment. Pothos flourishes in a wide variety of lighting conditions, including indirect sunlight or light from a bulb. While it doesn't need a great deal of watering, this vine-like plant will need occasional pruning to keep it at a reasonable length. 

  • ZZ Plant: Native to East Africa, the ZZ plant thrives in drought like conditions – an ideal choice for busy bees who are frequently on the go. A true minimalist, the ZZ plant doesn't need a great deal of light, allowing it to prosper nearly anywhere you place it. In addition to being virtually indestructible, this shiny, deep green plant grows at a slower pace and therefore doesn't require much in the way of maintenance. Talk about a win-win!

  • Mother-in-law's Tongue: Mother-in-law's tongue, also referred to as ‘snake plant', is an incredibly hardy plant that can easily go upwards of a month without water. Its stiff leaves grow in an upright position and can grow to be nearly 12 feet tall. If you're lucky you may catch the occasional small, white blossom in full bloom. This plant's rare combination of beauty and adaptability make it an absolute favorite among plant lovers.   

  • Peace Lily: Coined with the name ‘peace lily' for its resemblance to white flags of peace, this stunning houseplant is actually a tropical perennial that originated in the rainforests of Colombia and Venezuela. In addition to its striking beauty, the peace lily is also adept at removing pollutants from the air, absorbing impurities through its leaves and roots. As if that wasn't enough, the peace lily is a long-lasting and remarkably easy to care for houseplant. All you need is a cute decorative pot or vase and you've got yourself the perfect centerpiece!

  • Aloe: As a resident of the Sunshine State, you've likely used aloe a time or two to soothe sunburnt skin. In addition to its spectacular medicinal properties, this ‘cool' succulent makes for an excellent indoor houseplant. Aloe grows well in sunny, indoor spaces and prefers a dry environment. With a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures to choose from, you'll likely find aloe fits well in any room, whether it finds its place on the ledge of your kitchen window or as a part of your desk décor.

  • Philodendron: Ideal for even the most inexperienced plant owners, this charming, large-leafed plant is quite resilient. Philodendron's come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some are more vine-like while others grow upright. Philodendron's don't ask for much, though they appreciate moderate light and moist soil.  
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