How Can I Make The Best Cup of Coffee in my FAMU Apartment?

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A cool winter day calls for good shows, good vibes, and good coffee!

It's midterm season, and this semester is showing no signs of slowing down. At a time like this, there's only one thing we can count on… coffee! Relying on coffee shops can be expensive and inconvenient; you should learn how to make a good cup of joe at home! Lucky for you, Lucky Goat Coffee is just around the corner from FAMU apartments. They have coffee shops all over Tallahassee that can supply all the energy you need in a cup; they also offer it in a bag!


Choosing the flavor of your coffee grounds is a very personal thing. You want to find a flavor that you will look forward to drinking in the morning. You need a flavor that is subtle enough to enjoy but doesn't overpower the flavor of the coffee. Many people enjoy a hazelnut or vanilla touch, but I much prefer trying lighter roasts from around the world. Whatever you decide, sugar and cream will mask any blemishes.


After you grab your bag of grounds, it's time to take inventory. You will need a coffee pot, coffee maker, filters, water, and cream and sugar if you like. For cream, I recommend finding the best half and half your local grocery store offers, but there are countless flavored options available as well.

Once you're home at your FAMU apartment, pop the filter in the coffee maker, pour in some water, and measure your grounds out. If you want a stronger cup, I recommend scooping two tablespoons of coffee grounds for every cup you plan on drinking. Additionally, if you plan on making a large pot for your three or four roommates, consider putting a second filter underneath to weed out any extra grounds.

Once everything is set up, press start, and let the coffee brew!

Pouring Up

Ready your cup and pour up the coffee once it's finished. If you are looking to add cream and sugar, the ratios are not as concrete, so you'll need to judge for yourself. Personally, I would wait until the coffee is cool enough to taste test, but if you really can't stand the taste of black coffee, I would recommend preparing it the same way you would at a breakfast restaurant. This way, you can add everything else accordingly and have a solid expectation of how your cup should taste. If you are not a fan of cream and sugar, feel free to dive right in! If it is too dark or watery for your taste, you could choose to adjust your ratio and try again.

Making a good cup of coffee is not a complex task, but it can take some time to do consistently. It all depends on your ratio of grounds to water. When in doubt, pull the filter out and pour the grounds back into your bag to restart. It is always worth the extra time to avoid a bitter or boring cup of joe.

If this is too much work for you, some of the best off-campus housing options in Tallahassee offer coffee bars in their front office! That can be a great fallback plan for days you don't have time for a complicated morning coffee routine.

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