I could use a caffeine pick-me-up today what are the best coffee shops to study at near my Tallahassee apartment?

We get it, using up half your study energy just to find a seat in Strozier is not ideal. Luckily, there is a coffee shop on just about every corner of Tallahassee, all serving up delicious brews and tasty pastries. With August storms rolling in and Fall classes picking up, we've compiled a list of just a few of our favorite cafés near apartments in Tallahassee. So try one out, or try them all. You're sure to find something suited to you.

All Saints Café

With a strong personality and even stronger coffee, this eclectic café embodies Tallahassee culture with local and vegan fare and a spunky atmosphere. Located near apartments within walking distance of FSU's campus and open till midnight, this cult favorite is sure to become a go-to for any coffee lover looking for a study spot near their Tallahassee apartment.

Black Dog Café

Black Dog prides itself in showcasing art from the community and encouraging fellowship, with ample seating, local artwork and board games galore. This cottage café is nestled in Railroad Square Art Park and has a unique, almost eccentric vibe to it. Coffee is the star of the show, of course, but they are also known for hosting poetry events, live music and local performers. 

Catalina Café

At Catalina, the iconic wall murals get you in the door, but the fresh brews keep you coming back. Known for their Instagram-worthy murals and lattes alike, this aesthetically pleasing café serves up cups of joe to the Tallahassee community with purpose and pizzazz. And with quality and fairness as a few of their driving mantras, they source their beans only from farms that ensure workers are paid a living wage.

Lucky Goat Coffee

Lucky Goat sells their beans to a few cafes in the Tallahassee area, but we recommend returning to the source for an expertly-prepared Lucky Goat coffee. There are four Tallahassee locations, each one as trendy as the next, but be sure to get in early as this local favorite fills up fast and closes at 6pm daily. Definitely one you can't miss if you call yourself a coffee connoisseur.

The Power Plant Café

True to its name, The Power Pant fuels Tallahassee caffeine addicts Weekdays: 7-4pm and Weekends: 8am-4pm with delicious brews and an unbeatable, picturesque location, between the Edison and Cascades Park. There is ample seating at the café with darker lighting indoors and a spacious outdoor area full of greenery.

Red Eye Coffee

Red Eye is a forward-thinking café that fuels students with an eco-friendly business model and humanitarian footprint. Their mantra, "Drink Coffee Locally. Change Lives Internationally" is the focal point of their business and drives everything they do from fair trade coffee and teas to biodegradable straws and global humanitarian support. We would recommend Red Eye even without the feel-good mission, but it doesn't hurt to know you're making the world a better place one cup of coffee at a time.

The Sweet Shop

The Sweet Shop is an icon in the Tallahassee community with a rich history dating back to 1921. Known for their extensive menu and sizeable seating area, this is the perfect place for a group study session. And located just a stone's throw from campus, they are the perfect place to study when the library becomes dull. 

Au Peche

Reminiscing on that study abroad trip you took to Europe last summer? Well Au Peche is the nostalgic taste of France you need. With French tunes playing over the speakers and a quaint, relaxing atmosphere, this newer Tallahassee coffee shop is serving up more than just coffee with sweet treats like macaroons gracing their menu.

If a tight budget or Florida storms trap you inside your Tallahassee apartment, there are easy ways to create your own study space at home. But when coffee cravings set in, and studying is at an all-time high, be sure to check out some of these Tallahassee cult favorites for all your caffeine needs.

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