Are there any beaches near FAMU?

This summer in Florida is going to be HOT. It's already springtime and things are heating up quick. We get it! This means it's time to break out the suntan lotion, surfboards, and that new bikini you've been waiting to show off. And if you live in Florida's panhandle attending FAMU, hitting the beach is the perfect way to do all that and more. Whether you're on break or school's out for summer, Florida's panhandle is known for its white sandy beaches, right off the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Who can beat beautiful scenery and sweet spring break destinations? If you don't mind the drive, you've got to plan on hitting one of the many spectacular beaches next time you want to catch a break from all your studies!

FAMU, located in Tallahassee, isn't far off from some of Florida's most beautiful and well-known beaches. Just an hour and 37 minutes away is St. George Island. St. George is a small paradise on a barrier island, surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Apalachicola Bay. Sink your toes in the soft white-sand beaches and take a dip in the ocean waves. Want to really become one with nature? Pitch a tent at the State Park and spend your weekend in all the natural beauty that St. George Island has to offer.

Panama City Beach is the next closest beach city and the most popular with FAMU students. Two hours and two minutes away taking the FL-20 W, Panama City Beach is a super popular destination for spring breakers coming from out of state and all over Florida. There are tons of events throughout the year for you to enjoy and have fun with your friends. Panama City Beach brings the fun factor for you to really make the most of your time and to really cut loose.

Destin Beach is probably the farthest from FAMU, but definitely the quietest and most relaxing, in my personal opinion. From FAMU, it takes about two hours and a half to arrive to this incredible beach town. Destin's emerald and clear waters and quiet town makes it the ideal destination to take a real break and rest from everyday crazy. Why not spend a weekend or week during your break to catch some rays and zoning on your inner Zen on Destin's beach?

Life as a student at FAMU can get so hectic sometimes – you owe it to yourself to have some time to yourself! Can't afford to take that weekend trip to the beach? That's understandable, too. But apartments near FAMU can help you unwind, too. Apartments near FAMU feature resort style pools, hot tubs and even cabanas. Here at RentTally, we can help you find apartments near FAMU that provide you with that perfect little retreat for you to decompress after those long days of school, work and studying. To start your search, click on “Find your Apartment” on the FAMU RentTally homepage. From there click on “Southwest Tallahassee (FSU area)” and “Southeast Tallahassee” listed underneath where it says “Neighborhood.” This will bring up all the apartments near FAMU and from there you can compare and contrast each of those places by dragging them into our “Filter, Drag & Compare” tool. If you want to make sure you see just those communities with relaxing pools, click on “Show Advanced Filters” and under the “Sports and Fitness” tab click on the yes column next to “Resort-style Pool” and you've got your filtered results right there. We make it easy for you to maximize the most out of your apartment.

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