How do I avoid damage and stains in my Tallahassee apartment?

When renting an apartment, many residents may be concerned about avoiding damage to walls, carpet, tile and other areas of their unit. Most Tallahassee apartments require residents to put down a deposit, which covers most common damages and clean up requirements once you move out. However, it can be nice to get some of this deposit fee back by keeping your unit in top shape. Keep in mind that the amount and nature of your deposit will depend on which community you choose. These few tips below can help you prevent excess damage to your unit.

What are some common areas in Tallahassee apartments that incur damage?

Typically, the walls, carpet and tiles are easiest to damage in Tallahassee apartments. These frequently used areas can be sensitive to spills, scratches, holes and cracks. Below are a few ways to keep these areas free of lasting damage.

  • Walls: Most residents want to decorate the walls of the living room, bedroom, kitchen and other areas to create a personalized space. However, creating very large holes can make a few dents in your original deposit. To avoid this problem, use non-damaging, sticky wall hanging accessories for lightweight wall décor. Otherwise, try to use smaller nails and plan carefully to avoid readjustments and multiple holes.
  • Carpet: Damage to the carpet is a very common issue when renting an apartment. It is difficult to avoid spills or damage entirely, and unnecessary to panic over small accidents, which can usually be removed with cleaning supplies and techniques. Burns, holes and bigger stains can be avoiding through awareness and a few simple rules, like placing mats down, keep cups and dishes away from edges, and keeping messy work away from the carpeted area.
  • Tile: Some residents prefer tile flooring to avoid the issues and cleanup involved with carpeted floors. However, tiles also need extra care and maintenance in Tallahassee apartments. For example, some tile floor surfaces can be damaged with common cleaning products. Additionally, dragging or dropping heavy items on tile floors can cause cracks and scratches. Make sure you carry hard and heavy items over tiles instead.

I have a pet. What should I consider when renting Tallahassee apartments?

There are many pet-friendly Tallahassee apartments that allow cats and/or dogs. Due to the additional risk of pet damages, many communities require a pet deposit from residents in addition to the normal deposit fee. This can either be a one-time fee or included in your monthly rent. Residents with cats should place plenty of scratching toys around the unit to provide a better spot for claws than the carpet or door frames. Keeping mats under the litter box and food dishes can prevent damage from accidents or frequent spills. For tips on keeping your cat entertained and happy, read through this Pet Finder article.

Residents with dogs should provide plenty of chew toys and other sensory items to avoid boredom, stress or anxiety. Playing with your dog regularly and in designated areas can discourage destructive urges. To protect tiles and wood floors, keep your dog's nails smooth and trimmed.

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