Is it harder to find available apartments once school starts?

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Conventionally leased (non-student) apartments typically have availability year-round.

If you have ever visited Florida State University during the summer months, you may considerably mistake the quaint town to be noiseless and still. However, once the college students return back to their FSU apartments, the town's mood completely undergoes a 180.

Once the spring semester has come to an end, many students flock back to their home towns, leaving the town of Tallahassee behind for the next few months. During this time, many would argue that renting FSU apartments seem to be much easier, as inventory seems readily available. Most students in the Southwest district of the capital city begin their yearly or semester leases in the fall or late summer seasons. Hence, this does allow more room to rent FSU apartments in the summer.

However, that does not mean there is not any fun to be had during the months of June to August. FAMU, TCC and Florida State students seem to migrate back to the college part of town in the beginning of August. This may seem chaotic for those who have not yet rented a place, and it is. At this time, the wave of residents engulfs most regions in Tallahassee making an apartment search frustrating and tireless. Although there will always be available units, you may have a harder time getting the exact floor plan or first level room you were planning on.

A viable option may be looking for a new unit come the beginning of summer. As most people do leave town, this is a great opportunity for you to see what FSU apartments have to offer their residents. During this time, apartment walk throughs may be a bit easier and convenient, as many rooms will be vacant. Additionally, some properties offer specials during the summer months in order to encourage new students to rent one of their properties. Moreover, parking spaces are less limited, restaurants are emptier and this is a great period for those who are new to the area to discover Tallahassee without being overwhelmed by the number of students living in one area. Once the school semester does begin, you will had already adapted to the new city, feeling confident and knowledgeable regarding the where abouts around town.

Overall, it may be easier to shop for your perfect new home during the summer months due to the area being less populated. Properties may be more vacant, allowing you to view and compare more options. Although the region tends to become heavily populated just before the start of fall, there will available homes. However, keep in mind that you may be stuck with limited options.


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