I love being surrounded by art and music. Are there clubs or events for me in the TCC area?

Whether you're moving to TCC apartments for the location or plan to be a student at the college, your life will be enriched by all the opportunities to enjoy music and art in your new town. The college has some great events and clubs available for a variety of artistic interests. Do you know how to play an instrument but want to brush up on your technique? Are you a big fan of art galleries and need some inspiration for your own work? Keep reading to learn about some wonderful creative organizations and places in the area!

If love to play a certain instrument or just enjoy listening to musical performances, you will definitely want to learn more about the Big Bend Community Orchestra (BBCO) at the college. TCC apartments are very close to the TCC Communications and Humanities building, where rehearsals are held weekly for various BBCO performances. The BBCO has performed in over 77 concerts, with over 325 unique compositions of music. If you're interested in joining the orchestra, you can participate as either a community member or a student, so attendance at the college is not required. However, students may want to sign up for the MUN1180 so they can receive extra credits for participation! In addition, the BBCO holds composition competitions on a regular basis, so if you've got that unfinished work lying around, this is a good opportunity to complete it! Your new apartment will give you plenty of quiet, comfortable space to work on your next composition.

If the orchestra isn't your thing, you can always sign up for the TCC Jazz Band instead. This club also allows both students and community members to join – all they ask is that you have basic knowledge of an instrument and reading music. Don't want to join a band but still want to jam to some great music? Check out the list of events on both the BBCO and TCC Jazz Band websites to attend one of their fantastic performances in the future! Apartments in TCC are moments away from most of these events, so you'll have no trouble making your way to the next one.

Artistic residents who move to apartments in TCC will want to make their way to the Ralph Hurst Art Gallery, located in the Fine & Performing Arts Center on campus. This gallery houses a permanent collection of Ralph Hurst's work, as well as information about his life and career. You'll be able to catch a peek of other artists' work as well, such as Ruth Deshaies and Roland Hockett. Interested in viewing the work of some of your fellow students? The Fine Art Gallery on campus showcases the work of TCC students, faculty, and other local artists. Exhibits change out on a regular basis so there will always be something new and exciting coming up!

Can't wait to break out your clarinet or paint brush? TCC apartments will allow residents to have access to all the artistic and musical inspiration in the area. Use our website to find the perfect apartment in the area so you can start your creative journey now!

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