Are there any pet-friendly apartments near FAMU?

For many people, getting a pet is a right of passage into adulthood. These animals can be great sources of fun and companionship. Though, they are also a great deal of responsibility! Whether you are a current pet-owner or someone that plans to adopt in the future, there are a couple considerations to take into account when looking for an apartment.

While pets can be a wonderful addition to your apartment, they do come with a couple of risks. Shedding, teething, clawing and the occasional “accident” can leave quite a bit of damage to your apartment. Any of these incidents can cause you to lose your security deposit or pay a damages fee. Because of this, many apartment communities choose to avoid risk altogether and forbid tenants from bringing in pets.

If you do have a pet or definitely plan on getting on soon, there are still plenty of housing options available. Rent Tally features several pet-friendly apartments across Tallahassee and even near FAMU. To find these apartments, visit our Tallahassee apartments page. From there, you can filter your apartment search by location and pet policy. The "Student Housing Options" tab allows you to specifically view FAMU apartments. Afterwards, check out the “Pet Policy” tab to find out which of these FAMU apartments allows pets. You can choose between cats, dogs, aquariums and birds. Under the “Community Features” tab, you can browse through even more pet-friendly amenities. Some apartment communities include features such as a dog walk!

Pets can be a major influence on your choice of apartment. Whether you are a dog-owner, a cat-owner or someone who plans on adopting in the future, make sure to check out your community's pet policy beforehand.

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