I do not want to live on a college Campus but want to be close to Doak Campbell Stadium. Where is a good place for me to look?

Are you searching for a place where you can separate yourself from the collegiate lifestyle while still conveniently being minutes from the party? Tallahassee apartments allow you the option to find the perfect home. If you are looking to stay within a short distance of Doak Campbell Stadium, try looking for a place near Pensacola Street. This area is just far enough away from the stadium to allow you the comfort to relax while still allowing you to be minutes from the unconquered stadium. Colony Club , on the other hand, is a more student-oriented village that is located right near Stadium Street. Although this apartment community will most likely be of student residents, it is within walking distance of Doak Campbell. However, this mean you can avoid traffic to and from the games and save on gas! Apartments on Hayden Road sit just in the shadow of the stadium. This area may be a mix of students and fans alike. This area, although less popular than the homes located on Pensacola or Stadium Street, may be able to provide you with the luxury of silence during some nights.

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