I love gaming and own several video game consoles. What are some tips for setting these up in my new place?

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Live Oaks at 275
If gaming is a priority, choose a floor plan at Live Oaks at 275 with a living room setup that provides smart placement for your couch and power outlets.

If you own several gaming consoles, you're probably already trying to figure out the best way to dismantle your current setup and organize all your cords and attachments for the move. Relocating to FAMU apartments is a great opportunity to develop a new setup for all your consoles that improves accessibility and overall aesthetics. You can create a fantastic new arrangement that will allow you to get the most out of your gaming experience and limit cord tangling, lost items, and other issues with your electronics. While you're packing for your move, it can be helpful to arrange each console and corresponding attachments in individual boxes or bags within a box. This will be useful when are ready to unpack in FAMU apartments and assemble everything, making it easier for you to locate everything and avoid becoming overwhelmed with miscellaneous cords.

If your current desk has been working well and remains sturdy enough to hold all your consoles, you are already set for repositioning everything. Otherwise, FAMU apartments are near several home goods stores with desks specialized for gaming and consoles, including holes in the back that lead to the outlet and hidden storage for loose cords. A good desk or table is one of the key aspects of creating an organized gaming system. Residents with multiple monitors and TV screens will want to have a durable, wide foundation for these displays. This will make it easier to turn the monitors or TVs whenever the need arises. Make sure you position screens away from windows in FAMU apartments to avoid screen glare issues. If this is not possible, you can always find thick curtains that will block out the sun during gaming sessions!

One of the main issues with gaming setups is the buildup and tangling of cords from each different console, and especially your PC. As you unpack your items and plug them in, use twist ties or Velcro snaps (for electronics) to fasten all the cords together, keeping them from poking out or showing behind the desk. It may seem tedious to do this initially, but you probably won't have to do it again for a long time if you complete this step right away. FAMU apartments should have a few outlets in each room; however, you should make plan to use a few extension cords to create the optimal setup. This way your cords will reach an outlet without stretching too far and creating a hazard for you or someone to trip over!

The perfect desk and tidying up your cords are two big steps to making the best out of your gaming space. If you don't have a comfy chair already, now is the time to find the ultimate gaming chair with ample back support and padding so you maximize your comfort. If you're looking for other helpful tips for FAMU apartments, check out our pages on affordable living and decorating the rest of your place, like the balcony!

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