What are some great places for animal lovers near TCC apartments?

Residents looking for pet-friendly apartments near TCC can find several great communities that allow cats, dogs and other animals. However, if you are unable to care for pets at home or really enjoy spending time with different animals, TCC apartments are close to many opportunities for animal interactions. Whether you are interested in animal charities or rescues, nature parks full of Florida wildlife or just want to be around some friendly animals, you'll have the chance to visit a few fantastic locations close to your new place in Tallahassee.

I would like to volunteer with animal rescues near TCC apartments. Where can I go?

Most animal rescues depend on volunteers and donations to keep providing care and shelter for all their animals. Rescue groups near TCC apartments are often looking for more volunteers to help manage the large number of animals that need homes and care. A few options are listed below:

  • Leon County Humane Society: This local Humane Society saves between 300 and 500 animals each year, which means they need as many caring and dedicated volunteers as possible! The rescue website lists current positions available and indicates which roles are needed the most. Opportunities include facilities volunteers, foster parents, reception volunteers, dog wash volunteers, community and outreach events and more.
  • Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue: Don't be fooled by the name! While the rescue takes in a large number of dogs, they also save plenty of cats as well. The rescue consists entirely of volunteers who are dedicated to helping pets find loving homes. To find out what you can do as a volunteer, visit their website for contact information.

An important reminder when wanting to foster animals in TCC apartments is to ensure you are aware of restrictions and fees associated with pets or animals in the unit. Discussing this arrangement with the leasing office is crucial prior to making any commitments with animal rescues. Additionally, make sure your roommates agree with your decision before bringing an animal home, particularly if the foster animal needs additional training and care.

Where else can I enjoy animals nears TCC apartments?

While there are no large zoos near TCC apartments, the Tallahassee Museum features a popular exhibit called The Big Bend Farm, where visitors can visit common farm animals like cows, sheep, goats and chickens in an authentic farm environment from rural 1880s Tallahassee. Horse lovers can visit Grace Stables, where visitors of all ages can enjoy horseback riding at any level. A leisurely ride on the trail can be a great way to unwind after a long week of work or school near TCC apartments. For residents with children, Grace Stables offer special programs and summer camps for younger riders.

To experience Florida's wildlife in a more natural setting, visit St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, one of the oldest wildlife refuges in the United States. Two of the most popular animals to see in this park are the American Alligator and the American Bald Eagle. St. Marks supports over 20 active nesting pairs of eagles each winter!

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