How can I find apartments near FAMU that include utilities with my rent?

Water, electricity, Wi-Fi, cable. What do all of these things have in common? They're all considered utilities and you could wind up paying a lot extra on top of your rent costs. Paying for utilities on top of rent and tuition expenses just sounds like so much when you're a student at FAMU. Perhaps you're a busy young professional that just wants to deal with paying one bill instead of worrying about different bills. It takes a lot of time to find the best Internet and cable options and setting up the other accounts for your electricity and water. Worrying about all of this is just the tip of the iceberg of stress when you've spent all day on campus or work.

The great benefit to attending FAMU or working in Tallahassee is that you're in a city that features a number of apartments that are cut out for these busy lifestyles. Apartments near FAMU in Tallahassee feature the great chance of having utilities, like cable and water and/or Wi-Fi, included in your rent. This is important to keep in mind while on your search of the perfect apartment in the FAMU area for your budget.

In your search for what apartments near FAMU will include, such as Wi-Fi or electricity, with your rent be sure to check out the “All-Inclusive Apartments” section of our website. Located on the right hand side of the homepage, you'll see a few dropdown lists where you can find “All-Inclusive Apartments.” Just click on “Amenity Options,” then where you see “All-Inclusive Apartments” and that will lead you to the properties in Tallahassee that include everything in your rent – even times furniture. There are featured communities you can look through and even compare with our new “Filter, Drag and Compare” tool. Some of these communities are close to FAMU or Downtown Tallahassee and are available for any lifestyle.

You can also search all FAMU apartments on our website and narrow down your search with our filters. To begin doing so, click on “Find Your Apartment” on the homepage. On the next page scroll down and on the left hand side click on “Advanced Filters” and click on “Cable and Utilities” to further choose which options you'd like as far as what you're looking to include in your monthly rent. You may also want to keep in mind what part of Tallahassee these apartments are to make sure you don't end up further away from school or work.

Whether you're a FAMU student or a young professional in Tallahassee, the importance of having electricity and heat and the Internet, too, is crucial for all your day-to-day activities. From turning on the air to working from home to taking a hot shower, all of those simple things require having these utilities. Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you have to live without them. You can't live without the necessities while living on your own and you shouldn't be denied that while attending school or working full-time. Having all your bases covered while living in your new apartment is super important to making the best out of your overall experience and we're here to help!

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