Are there any affordable apartments near TCC?

Are you having a hard time finding affordable apartments near TCC? Searching for TCC apartments within your budget range can often present several obstacles, however, Tallahassee provides its student residents with dozens of affordable living options.

The city of Tallahassee is probably one of the best regions to live in when looking for affordable housing options. Since much of the area is populated with students, many communities are frequently catering to a student-friendly budget. There are handfuls of options to consider when finding a suitable new home. Here are a few tips to help you save a few bucks when renting.

Create a budget!

When leaving the nest for the first time, you may encounter several hurdles when looking for an affordable new home. The most important place to begin your search is taking a look at your bank account. Who will be funding your monthly rent? Chances are, if you are on your own, it is strongly recommended to create a financial plan in order to avoid financial instabilities. This plan does need to be a detailed day by-day agenda, but it does need to be able to give a ballpark estimate of what you can and cannot commit to price wise. Knowing your price range can really help you understand which areas may be suitable to your living needs and even allow you to negotiate a great price.

Live Near Campus!

The Southwest district of Tallahassee is enriched with student housing. This does not only mean that apartments near TCC will be much more affordable, but many properties offer single room rentals, shared living spaces, roommates and all inclusive units. In this district, you can rent a room for near $300 a month. Although many of those types of plans do include a few roommates and shared kitchens and living rooms, most of these floor plans are newer, spacious and provide each tenant with their own closets, furniture and bathrooms. Often times, this specific type of unit will also provide free wi-fi, cable and washer and dryers. This helps to save several hundred dollars a month.

Living near campus will also help save in gas money. Many communities surrounding the school are within walking distance to class or just near a bus stop that will take you to and from school at no cost with a student ID.

Ask for All Inclusive!

As you have just noted, several communities in the area do offer all-inclusive dwellings. Some properties even go as far to include HBO, Showtime and internet into their packages. Cable can costs near $100 and up each month. If this type of amenity is included in your monthly rent, take it! Water, trash and electric are other options that are sometimes included in your monthly rent as well. Although water and trash are very nominal fees to pay, it will save you the hassle of having to remember to pay your bills each month. Additionally, you may get to save on upfront deposit payments you will need to turn your electricity on.

Creating a budget, living near campus and having an all-inclusive unit may create an affordable and convenient living environment. 

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