Are there any apartments in Tallahassee that accommodate large dogs?

This is a situation that has become a reality for me personally in my Tallahassee apartment. My roommates and I recently adopted a dog. While he's not particularly large, he does need room to run around and play. We weren't sure if he would do well in the apartment we are currently living in, and we weren't particularly keen on moving again when we hadn't even lived here for a full year. We spoke with the shelter manager about our situation and did some research and realized we were prepared to give our dog a happy home. And you can too!

Hosting an animal – especially a dog – can be rather difficult when you're living in an apartment. If you want to bring your furry best friend along for your college ride or maybe even adopt a new companion, you will need to take a further look into your apartment's pet policies. After you've determined which communities accept your furry companion, you will want to narrow down the search by amenities that will make both you and Lassie feel right at home.

A few Tallahassee apartments that are pet friendly include:

The Preserve at San Luis – These townhomes provide a gated community to walk your dog amongst beautiful trees, away from the bustle of downtown. The two-story townhome provides room for your pooch to stretch and relax without feeling cooped up. There is a policy for dogs to remain on a leash at all times if they are out, but there are plenty of parks nearby to take your friend and let him run. Lichgate on High Road, a short drive away, is a quiet hideaway from you and your pet to run and play. San Luis Mission Park is also a short ride away and has plenty of other dogs running around for yours to play with.

Players Club – Located on Ocala Road, this Tallahassee apartment does not have much room outside for your pooch to roam without a leash, but it is a short drive away to FSU's campus, where you can let him run down Landis Green with the plethora of other dogs the students bring. Whether you are a student or not, there's no denying that it's a wonderful place to allow your animal to play.

The Oasis – This roomy complex has plenty of green grass for your animal to explore, and the perfect poolside for you and your best friend to lounge on a nice day. This complex is also a short drive to San Luis Mission Park and is also near the historic and beautiful Cascades Park. If you need a place to allow your dog to run or else just take Instagram worthy pictures of them, these beautiful parks are a must.

There are a wide variety of apartments in Tallahassee that allow for dogs and cats alike; all it takes is a little bit of research. Before you make the big decision to bring your furry friend home with you, be sure to look into the details of your complex's policy, including the pet fee, pet deposit, weight limit, animal amount limit, etc. There are loads of benefitsto bringing your furry friend to your Tallahassee apartment with you – for both you and the animal – but just be sure to do your research so this is a comfortable and happy home for both of you.

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