Is there a music scene in Tallahassee?

Tallahassee has a network of local bands and artist who tend to come play for the collegiate town. This may not be considered a flourishing music center for new artist. However, you will find that poplar bands and top forty artists will come visit this way on their nation-wide tours. Tallahassee is built with handfuls of clubs and venues where performers can play, making the city an attractive area to visit. The Civic Center, a laid back outdoor area, hosts numerous headlining artists and up-and-coming bands. Floyd’s music store is also known to hosts a few concerts throughout the school year. The Engine Room, Downunder and The moon are other venues that also often hold concerts in their own venues. Although these venues may not be a large and accustomed to huge crowds as others may be, these clubs are just a short drive from your TCC apartment and will allow you to experience the concert in a more intimate light.

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