What is the TCC social life like?

TCC is without a doubt a well-known party school. Just next door to the larger state Universities of FSU and FAMU, it is no surprise that this area is in exciting place to be with a lot going on.

More than 14,000 students alone are enrolled at TCC. Add that population to that of FSU and FAMU and you will quickly noticed that the sum of nearly 70,000 students attend college in the Tallahassee area. That being said, I am sure that you can easily assume the TCC neighborhood to be quite lively to say in the least. In fact, TCC apartments are swarmed with a band of popular college bars such as AJ's and Potbelly's, making the enjoyment of nightlife an easy task. Although the student district's social atmosphere seems to appeal to mostly undergraduate students, do not underestimate the number of travelers that will be entering the town come football season.

Game day is one of the town's biggest social gatherings. Expect the town to be engulfed with rivals, fans and new commuters come football season. Yes, this will bring in a fair amount of traffic to the area. However, many TCC apartments are located just in the center of action allowing residents to be walking distance from the stadium and tailgate spots. In fact, most of the Southwest Tallahassee area becomes its own elongated tailgate. Many football fans seem to set chairs and tents down throughout the campus area making it difficult to spot anyone who is not out celebrating the competition.

Many residents living in TCC apartments seem to continue the Seminole pride throughout the school year, even when football season has come to an end, hosting social gatherings and late night outings. It is rare when you experience a quiet night near the student area. Most of the residents living in apartments near TCC will be inviting and friendly, you will hardly encounter a stoic neighbor.

The social life in the student area is arguably one of the Southwest Tallahassee's strongest attractions. From flouring night-life, to friendly neighbors and collegiate spirit, this district is perfect for those hoping to meet new friends. Football season will bring lots of attention and gatherings in the area enhancing college pride. TCC apartments in this area are surrounded with convenience, entertainment and lots of boisterous students eager to enjoy the college life.


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