Where can I go to receive medical care?

Tallahassee, just like any comparative city is embedded with primary and specialty practices to serve its growing population. There are handfuls of help to receive near your TCC apartment. Depending on your circumstance and health needs, Tallahassee will have the perfect area to heal your wounds. Capitol Regional Medical center is just outside of the TCC campus and close to the downtown area of the city. This center will see you through emergency situations as well as regular screenings. You can view their website or even call ahead to see what the wait time would be. Capitol Regional also offers weight loss programs and health initiatives. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare is another urgent care center within a short drive from your community college area. North Florida’s Woman’s care is located in Centerville which is a short drive from the collegiate area of the city. Tallahassee Community college does not provide a specific health insurance plan for its students. Please select your providers accordingly.

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