What other colleges are in town?

The Tallahassee area is almost more known for its collegiate town than being the state’s capitol! There are three major schools in the capitol city, Florida State University, Florida A&M and Tallahassee Community College. There are nearly 64,000 students throughout the city. Filled with young people, a fast paced environment and warm weather; Tallahassee is ranked in the top 5 college towns. Tallahassee Community College is located off of Appleyard Dr, only minutes from Florida State University. This college offers a number of associate’s degrees as well as workforce certificate training programs. These associate programs include allied heath and information technology, education. Business management and more! Although this is the only community college in town, TCC has a higher student popular than Florida A&M, holding nearly 14,000 students! TCC is ranked 25th among the nation’s top 100 colleges! Many of these student continue on to attend Florida State University of Florida A&M. The community college, much like a University, comes equipped with TCC apartments on and off campus to enrich the lives of their large student population.

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