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Choosing The Right Apartment Near FSU

Use these resources to help your student choose an apartment that meets their needs and lifestyle.

Benefits of living on campus vs. off campus
Security Features To Look For in FSU Apartments
Relocating to FSU from another state

Settling Into Life at Florida State

Get comfortable, make friends and explore Tallahassee.

FSU Transportation Guide
Parent Weekend Visits
Making Friends on FSU Campus
Getting Along With Roommates

Helping Your Student Feel at Home

We know you helped your FSU student find the perfect apartment, now let's get them settled in.

Making your student feel at home on move-in day 
Furnished Apartment Shopping List
First Apartment Grocery Shopping List


Additional Nole Resources

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Should my Nole live in on-campus or off-campus housing near FSU?

Deciding whether to live on or off campus is a very personal decision that requires honest communication between FSU parents and their student. Before making this big decision, your Nole has to weigh in their lifestyle, budget, academic and social needs, along with their transportation options to the best choice. As a FSU parent, we understand you want the best for your student, so to help weigh some of the differences consider reading some of the benefits to living off campus in our Parent Guide. When it's time to search for an apartment, try RentTally's off-campus housing search.

What do we need to buy for my FSU student's furnished apartment?

Furnished apartments are an incredible option for FSU parents who don't want to spend the time and money purchasing many furniture options but rather want a cost-effective place for their student. However, a furnished apartment isn't move-in-ready. Try this furnished apartment shopping list to help make sure you've checked all the boxes and set your student up for success at Florida State University.

How can I help my student make friends at Florida State University?

With a campus as big as Florida State, the opportunities to meet new people are endless. As exciting as this may be, it can also be overwhelming for your student. With so many new people, your student may not know where to start in finding their group. A great resource to connect with other Noles is by joining a club. FSU has over 750 clubs which can seem a bit daunting to navigate but by utilizing our FSU Parent Guide article on making new friends, you'll be sure to find a niche area your Nole will find their people.

Does my student need to bring a car to Florida State University?

When you crunch the numbers on insurance, car payments, maintenance, and parking passes, car ownership during college can add up fast. Bringing a car to Florida State University is right for some students, and unnecessary for others. Although a car would make transportation around Tallahassee easier, there are several modes of transportation FSU provides its students including the bus and Seminole Express shuttle so they can get to class quickly and safely. A car is definitely not required, but it sure will be nice around the holidays when it is time for your student to visit home.

What safety measures can I look for during my Nole's FSU apartment hunt?

As an FSU parent, knowing your child is safe is of upmost importance. Security measures differ significantly from apartment to apartment. Some apartments utilize several security methods including a gate, security cameras, an in-person guard, and more while others simply have door locks. The level of security is dependent on the apartment complex. To learn more, try our FSU parent guide article on security features to look for in FSU apartments.