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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of signing a short term lease at TCC apartments?

    While searching for TCC apartments, you may have noticed that our search section has a filter for lease term lengths, ranging from one to twelve month contract periods. Many residents are accustomed to signing the most common lease type, a long-term lease that is renewed once per year. Apartments with 12 month leases are ideal for residents who are comfortable with their future moving plans and want a stable monthly rent. However, there are many benefits to short-term leases in TCC apartments.... Read More »

  • How should I budget for my TCC apartment?

    Whether you’re moving out and into a TCC apartment for your first time, or your fifth time it is always of the utmost importance that you create a budget for your apartment. Having a budget keeps you in control of your money, keeps you focused on any financial goals you might have, it can help you see exactly where you’re spending your money, and it can help you save money for the future or for emergency situations. The benefits to budgeting in your TCC apartment are truly endless;... Read More »

  • My apartments near TCC has a dog walk, are there any rules for using this facility

    Your canine companion will sure appreciate your new dog walk amenity at your apartments near TCC! These can range in size, anywhere from a huge open field to a smaller enclosed area. These dog walks are very important for apartment dwellers with pets because they allow a space for Fido to run free. Many dogs aren’t happy with being cooped up in apartments near TCC all day when their owner is off to work. Some are too big for the size apartment they are in. A Saint Bernard in a tiny... Read More »

  • I'm throwing a get together at my TCC apartment's clubhouse next weekend, any tips?

    TCC apartments are a great location for your next party or get together. Since it can be a hassle to fit several guests inside your luxury apartment, the community clubhouse is an ideal place to host your next event. You’ll have plenty of space for drinks, food, seating, and party games without having to worry about rearranging your furniture, locking away pets, and putting away any delicate items. While this will also help you keep your apartment tidy, you will also want to make sure... Read More »

  • I noticed some apartments near TCC offer preferred employer discounts, what’s that?

    If you are looking at more affordable options for apartments near TCC, you may have noticed that some complexes offer preferred employer discounts. What this means, is that you will save a certain amount on your rent or signing fees if you work for a certain employer. Why would TCC apartments do this, is it to force you to change your job to save money? Well, it’s not a policy to make you work somewhere, as much as it is a policy to encourage people who work there to live in the... Read More »

  • What is proper etiquette for using amenities in my community?

    Super excited about all the fantastic community amenity packages available in TCC apartments? We don’t blame you! With community BBQ grills, gorgeous resort-style pools, 24-hour fitness centers, and much more, you’ll have so much to do just a few feet away from home. Residents who plan on using community amenities should consider following a few rules of etiquette that will help keep your community looking clean and make apartment living pleasant for both you and your neighbors.... Read More »

You can find
City View Apartments

The impact a great view has on your life should never be underestimated. It's no wonder that there are plenty of TCC apartments that look down Tennessee Street & Pensacola Street, offering a great view of Tallahassee, Florida's Capitol. There's something to be said for how the city looks basked in a Florida sunset.

You can find
Green Apartments

Students are typically a more eco-friendly bunch, so it makes sense that apartments near TCC would try to offer plenty of green options. Energy efficiency and recycling efforts are just a few things to look out for when you search for that perfect place.

You can find
Pet Friendly Apartments

There is nothing like relaxing with your best friend -- especially when they're not of the human variety. No need to worry about judgement or sass from your “roommate” when you opt to live in TCC apartments with pet-friendly policies. You'll both want to wag your tails!

You can find
Individual Leases

There is enough to worry about as a student without concerning yourself with whether or not your roommates are going to pay their rent. By choosing apartments near TCC with individual leasing options, you can just focus on yourself -- let them worry about them.