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Are you looking for FSU Apartments in Tallahassee? can help. We have the best search technology to assist you in finding the perfect place to live. You can search by hundreds of criteria including rent price, amenities, location, and more. Each listing contains great photos along with available floor plans, specials, and current pricing.

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As an FSU student, you rely on experts in their fields to impart their knowledge to you every day. Let us do the same in regards to apartments near FSU. At, we have assembled an impressive team of experts, all local residents who know the area through and through. We've taken that dip in Westcott fountain on our 21st birthday. We've helped pack the stadium at home games. We know FSU. And we know FSU apartments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Any Tallahassee grocery shopping tips for FSU apartments?

    Moving to a new place means discovering a new area surrounding FSU apartments, including retail shops, entertainment spots and the best places to stock up on groceries. Many FSU apartments come with refrigerators, freezers and spacious cabinets, giving you plenty of space to store your food and keep track of your purchases. Whether you want to be more efficient at shopping for yourself or need a plan for managing groceries with your new roommates, this guide will give you a few tips on saving... Read More »

  • The neighbors at my FSU apartment are really noisy and keeping me up at night, what should I do?

    Living in FSU apartments definitely has its perks – generous amenity packages, spacious units, and exciting locations make this one of the top areas for apartment living in Florida. However, apartment living can sometimes be challenging if you find yourself living near a disruptive neighbor. While daytime noise from walking, music, and visitors is normal inside a building with adjacent neighbors, you should not have to endure exceptionally noisy neighbors, especially at night! We know... Read More »

  • What does it mean to sign an individual lease at apartments near FSU?

    Apartments near FSU are the perfect place to sign an individual lease. I know that apartment jargon can often times be confusing for those who aren’t experienced in the area, but individual leases can be pretty straightforward most of the time. Individual leases can be a great opportunity to anyone living in the FSU area; with that in mind, remember that apartments near FSU often cater to the average college student, and individual leases can actually be one of the best choices for a... Read More »

  • What do I do if my FSU apartments do not offer recycling?

    It is a great thing that you are concerned about recycling at FSU apartments. This is a very easy, yet commonly overlooked step in helping better our very own environment. While most FSU apartments do offer some sort of recycling, you may run across some that do not. While you can go to your office and petition that this feature be added to your rent and daily cost of living, you can also find a few options to recycle on your own. If you live in FSU apartments that are in Leon County, then... Read More »

  • Do apartments near FSU look exactly like the model?

    One of the features on our website allows you to view floor plans and photos of all the beautiful FSU apartments available for rent. This will help you get a better idea of what your new place looks like, allowing you to make the best selection for your apartment living preferences. The dimensions and features will likely be extremely similar once you are assigned your selected unit, especially if you selected a specific named layout based on floor plans available. Keep in mind, however, that... Read More »

  • My FSU apartment allows pets, where can I look to adopt a pet in the area?

    There are several apartments near FSU that allow pets, and you happen to find yourself in one. If you are thinking about getting a pet, just remember that it’s a major commitment, which takes a lot of time, work, and money. With all that said, here are a few ways that you can go about looking for pets in your local area. The first and the most obvious place to start is with local animal shelters. Just look for animal shelters that are near FSU apartments, and you shouldn’t have... Read More »

You can find
Student Apartments

Tallahassee is home to many major schools, so of course this city would have plenty of options to choose from when you want to live in apartments near FSU. That sort of student-oriented community is one in which you'll be able to truly thrive.

You can find
All-Inclusive Apartments

You have so many more important things to focus your brain power toward instead of worrying if you paid all of the bills at the right time. Make things easier and less stressful on yourself by choosing to live in apartments near FSU that are all-inclusive.

You can find
Roommate Matching

Everyone wants to live with someone they can get along with! Fortunately, there are many apartments near FSU that make this easier than ever by offering a roommate matching process. This way, you can ensure you have a roommate with whom you mesh well.

You can find
Furnished Apartments

Furniture is expensive, especially when you need to furnish a whole apartment! Respect your student budget by opting to live in FSU apartments that are already furnished. This is an easy way to have a great set of furniture in every room without breaking the bank.